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SO YOU KNOW WHAT WAS ALSO A LIE? Me having nothing but time to work on these, because my parents went on vacation and since I am a useless bum who lives with them, that means I got to help them with chores such as fence-painting and heavy-duty gardening. Also gotta study for make-up exams, BUT NONETHELESS I PERSEVERE and bring you this installment.

In which we log onto The Grid, and learn something unexpected about an old acquaintance... )
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OKAY so it turned out to be a lie, that whole part about updating with a Let's Play every day... mostly because I didn't beat the game until right now. BUT now that I have finished it I have nothing but time to spend on beating out this baby, so with no further ado let us move on to Le Cité de Cloches...

Time to ring some bells! )
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Evening folks! This here be what it says on the tin- my recap, for a lack of better word, of playing Dream Drop Distance! Follow me beneath the cut for tales of daring, innuendo and motion sickness as I tackle the first world: Traverse Town! )
With that out of the way, onto gameplay! )
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So! Time to get this counselor-train on the roll, shall we?

Mickey Mouse will be taking care of Feferi Peixes and Kiryuu Zero.
'Dead Bones' Brook will be taking care of Furude Rika and Necoco.

Basic gist here is that both of these dudes are nice guys who will want to talk to you about anything that you feel like talking about. Brook will be a bit crazier than Mickey, but both are basically supercool dudes and awesome counselors who respect and care for people.

THAT BEING SAID I will mostly be around on weekends and sometimes on late evenings weekdays. My timezone is CET +1, and while I am used to staying up at crazy late hours to get work done, it doesn't always happen. So- thoughts? Suggestions? READY TO HAVE ALL YOUR SORROWS HUGGED OUT OF YOU?
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[In this thread: The Kingdom Hearts cast cabin. The situation: Mickey Mouse and Aqua discussing what's been, and what is to come in their craaaazy lives. Of course, if anyone else wants to use this thread to have their characters duly informed, don't hesitate to tag in! The exposition-party is hereby open to all you little heart-kids!]
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[Mickey Mouse is currently enjoying the benefits of being the overlord of cute, fuzzy small animals- a large number of voles has appeared and carried out their search for all who would have him as their counselor, informing them that they may receive said counseling at a Certain Location.

And when they arrive to said Certain Location they find it to be an old-timey Steam Boat, lying in a lake just about as big as the Steamboat is right in the middle of one of camps MANY fields. And standing right in front of it and welcoming them aboard is none other than the captain...]


[A two foot tall mouse-man. Well. It could be worse.]
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Stealing this from Robin because it looked like funsies.

Comment here with the name of your character(s) and the series they're from and I WILL TELL YOU WHAT I KNOW ABOUT THEM/IT/THINGS in one+ sentence. EVEN/ESPECIALLY IF WE'VE NEVER THREADED.
It’s the all-inclusive relationship/question meme! You can ask for the relationships of any character you want here without limitations, or questions in general! Essays may be possible if you desire those.

Furthermore, if you want to treat this like one of those nifty ”future relationship memes” that have been popping up lately, go ahead and do so! HOWEVER: Due to Hiatus I will be unavailable from now up until a month, so I won't be able to get started on them until I return. Hence, consider this a Delayed Future Relationsship Meme, if you will.

My characters are as follows:
Brook: Lovable and slightly crazy skeleton pirate, social and outgoing and with a complete lack of regard for social manners and secret tragedic life.
Faust: Slightly less lovable and a whole lot more crazy sci-fi doctor who is strangely functional despite his madness, acts serious business and like a Looney Tune at the same time, and who will leave you bewildered half of the time, teary-eyed and feeling profound the other.
Vincent Valentine: Super socially dumb, freshly minted immortal and pretty boy who is trying to figure out how this ”live forever” thing is supposed to work while remaining as stoic as he possibly can… and failing at it.
Optimus Prime: Giant, dutybound mechanical warrior who wants to protect mankind from all evil while simultaneously make people recognize him as the big darn hero he can be, darnit all to heck.
Mickey Mouse: The unexpectedly mature and laidback king of Disney Castle, heroic, friendly and here to touch you in your childhood… only in a good way! Sort of. Most of the time.
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