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SO YOU KNOW WHAT WAS ALSO A LIE? Me having nothing but time to work on these, because my parents went on vacation and since I am a useless bum who lives with them, that means I got to help them with chores such as fence-painting and heavy-duty gardening. Also gotta study for make-up exams, BUT NONETHELESS I PERSEVERE and bring you this installment.

In which we log onto The Grid, and learn something unexpected about an old acquaintance... )
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OKAY so it turned out to be a lie, that whole part about updating with a Let's Play every day... mostly because I didn't beat the game until right now. BUT now that I have finished it I have nothing but time to spend on beating out this baby, so with no further ado let us move on to Le Cité de Cloches...

Time to ring some bells! )
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Evening folks! This here be what it says on the tin- my recap, for a lack of better word, of playing Dream Drop Distance! Follow me beneath the cut for tales of daring, innuendo and motion sickness as I tackle the first world: Traverse Town! )
With that out of the way, onto gameplay! )
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