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Dream Drop Distance Let's Play Part 7: Please Listen To The Pretty Music Instead Of The Exposition

Fantasias Sora-dive is a quite a pain! You’re meant to grab as many points as possible and there are these long tunnels of high-risk-high-reward stars that you need to maneuver JUST SO through in order to snag the gold star. And I can’t NOT go for the gold, because again- I’m masochistic like that.
-We touch down and are greeted by the sight of Mickey Mouse, conjuring waves and summoning the stars. It all looks very respectable and impressive and Sora is suitably slackjawed, except then… the Dream Eater that escaped from Traverse Town suddenly turns up and slams Sora so hard he goes out cold!
-And. Wakes up in Yen Sids study, because he was apparently inside Mickey’s dream all along. You know, the one he has of his power-fantasy while he’s donning the Majestyk Hatte offe Arkanne Powerr.
-Also happening this study, Mickey being surrounded by oozing clouds of Darkness ala Frollo. Also surrounded by darkness- two note-stands behind him. Sora WTF’s right along with us and decides that since the stand is surrounded by darkness IT IS BAD AND BAD THINGS ARE SMASHED BY SORA.
-His charmingly simplistic methods don’t exactly work out and he’s knocked flat on his ass again.

-Deciding to spare him from further embarrassment, Mickey pipes up telepathically because… that’s a thing he can do, I guess? He asks him who he is and who he’s apprenticed to, since, you know, Keyblade.
-Sora is surprised to find himself in a world where Mickey was still an apprentice (the ’sorcerers apprentice’ at that), and is even more befuddled when he tries to come up with a cover story.
”Hey listen, your Majes- I gotta stop that.”
-(actual quote).
- Sora tries, bless his heart, to come up wih a cover story, but to no avail. Instead he asks Mickey what’s going on, and Mickey tells him that a monster flew into the world inside the notes and took over, and now its darkness is just oozing out and they have to find a way to contain it. In order to do that, they need a Sound Idea.
”Okay, where do I get a Sound Idea?” (again, actual quote)
”… Yeah I gotta admit, ya kinda struck me as the type to need help with that.”
-I’ll stop being mean to Sora when it stops being entertaining to me.
-Sound Ideas are apparently found inside ANOTHER note stand, and if we dive into THAT world we will apparently be able to banish the Dream Eater from the world of music.

-And when we then get a flashback to Mickey carrying buckets of water, noticing his masters hat on the table and putting it on. He starts getting sparklies everywhere, one of them goes out the window and… creates a tiny miniworld with all the rocks and the water which the Dream Eater then enters?
-And that’s it.
-So to summarize.
-We are currently standing inside Yen Sids tower, which is not a slumbering world (even if Sora wonders if it is). The actual slumbering world seems to be the one that Mickey created when he… dreamed back during the whole ”flood the tower incident”?
-Or did he actually CREATE a world while awake in the Kingdom Hearts universe, and then THAT world was sent to slumber?
-Reading the recap of the previous world would have you believe that Mickey was ”still in training” during the period of time he spent in Musketeer world. So… why didn’t he recognize Minnie or Pete? Was that the first time they met? Is Minnie in fact from some alternate dimension, and Micky married into HER royal family?
-Is Minnie Mickey’s female AU-self in Kingdom Hearts? Is THAT what you’re saying here Nomura?
That was not Disney castle. Is Minnie not from Disney land, but moved there from another world?
How can we exist in the Mysterious Tower? Why are there worlds inside note-stands now? Explain game. For once, in your miserable little life, EXXPLAINNGHARRHGRARH-

-I’m back.
-and I’m good.
-I’m good with the fact that Nomura just took what I thought was going to be an interesting glimpse into Mickey’s past and just went HOG-GODDAMN WILD with the plot hole-maker. I am so.
-With that right now.
-Anyhow this world. I walk around the Tower and figure out two cool things about it. A, the music is the music from Sorcerers apprentice. In battle it DOESN’T change into a fight theme, it just continues on.
-B, when I hit enemies here instead of battle sounds, you hear cymbals clash, drums being hit and other dramatic orchesta sounds. That is so awesome.
-I’m almost out of energy, so time to Drop and go back to being Riku… and to see if his story makes any sort of sense.

-Riku arrives in Yen Sids tower and this time it’s full of water, which it wasn’t in Soras world. Here the brooms have all but flooded the chamber as he falls asleep, and when he wakes up and start busting out spells in order to fix the situation one of the sparkles goes out the window, creates the world we saw before and then the Dream Eater enters that world.
-And I am utterly OKAY with all of this. The hat can make WHOLE WORLDS apparently because the Mysterious Tower is NOT a sleeping world, and the scores are probably sleeping worlds and everything is taking place inside Mickey’s dream and then Daisy wakes up and goes to the shower, and then she sees Donald in there and she’ll tell him she had the STRANGEST DREAM and that is how Kingdom Hearts will end.
-I force myself to stop seeing any kind of logic in and resign myself to the thought that maybe every answer to every question I might have is “it’s just a dream and nothing needs to make sense”. That way I can instead redirect my attention to groan at the writing.
- Because Riku enters the flooded room, tries to bash open the score although to his credit he immediately realizes it won’t work, whereupon he’s contacted by Mickey. And when he says he offers to help Mickey just like that…
“Gosh, Riku. I get the feelin’ that you and I are gonna be good friends, and we’ll really help each other out a lot some day.”

… That line.
-That line is just.
-OH my god you guys it’s so bad.
-It’s so bad I don’t have the words.
-It is written by a robot trying to assume a human writer guise and delivered about as convincingly.
-I’m just gonna jump head-first into a challenge now to take my mind of things.
-I tried twice to beat this challenge and every time I died, and when I finally managed to whittle down my opponents to just one remaining dragon I make a careless dash and run into the exit of the area. Challenge. Reset.
-Each and every opponent was a nightmare due to hardhitting enemies and having to run FAR away to cycle between commands, because there’s no quick way to cycle through them and it’s utterly effing IMPOSSIBLE to switch commands while moving due to the positioning of the D-pad beneath the joystick.
-Tonight it is the hatestick, and an example of why Nintendo secretly hates their consumers.
-Eurgh and when I retried I ran out of drop power.
-Gonna go enter the goshdarn dream already with Sora.

-I may just be underleveled because I win nearly every fight by the skin of my teeth.
-But on the plus side: I now have Glide! Escaping battles will be INSANELY much easier when my “dodge-move” doesn’t make me stick to everything, because while Flowmotion is cool you’re hella vulnerable in cramped quarters because you will get stuck and enemies WILL get in hit, and the camera WILL spaz out and you WILL lose all control over where you are and where your enemies are.
-I force myself to play a soothing bonus game of Balloon Pop.
-The beast returns to slumber and the 3DS remains whole. My investment is safe.
-I am torn between proceeding and just… calling it quits for tonight and leveling up before I go on. The enemies are so intense and have so many attacks that can reach me from everywhere to the point where going on at this level is flat-out impossible. Either that, or I need to check my deck.
-Died. The dragons are Satans agents.
-I am not being facetious here. They have an attack where they move in such a way that their burning bodies create a fiery pentagram on the ground.
-And then they set a timebomb that explodes JUST as you get brought down to 1 HP.
-I am officially done with this bullshit and retire for the night, I am going to NEED powerleveling to manage this.
-Lesson learned people. Dream Drop Distances Proud Mode does NOT fuck around. I had nowhere NEAR this much trouble with Birth By Sleep on CRITICAL.

-Okay so I’ve leveled like a butt-ton. A few thoughts.
-Each Dream Eater has a set of commands and abilities they can give you, but each Dream Eater also has a bunch of SECRET commands/abilities that you need to pet and love and cherish them before they “grow them”. Nowhere does it say which method will net you these, it’s just to get in there and start petting away.
-Add to that that I have really no idea how I can best farm link points (fight enemies?play games? Pet them) and I hit something of a stumbling block.
-I’m complaining about this because I’m starting to wonder if maybe I need to get some stat boosts before I go on in the game, and it’s taking me some time to get to them.
-Also: “stat-boosting” abilities require me to keep spirits in the party to benefit from them. On the one hand that’s nice because it’s a challenge finding the right combination of boosts, but it doesn’t exactly encourage switching up and training newbie dream eaters if I lose my Combo Plus, Attack Haste, Fire Screen etc bonuses every time I change into something new.
-The enemies here are getting seriously strong. Some enemies can one-shot me, yet I can beat them just fine as long as I stay out of their aim and smack them around with a few attacks. That doesn’t really feel well-balanced: it feels like victory goes to whoever lands the first blow.
-Of course that wouldn’t be the problem it is if it wasn’t for one thing: the placement of the stick and d-pad. I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to either have to contort my fingers in ways God never intended to run while cycling through commands, or remove my thumb from the stick and then go to the d-pad. Standing still while under heavy fire in order to find the command I’m looking for? Not my idea of a good time. Was it absolutely impossible to keep some kind of quick-meny or quick command?

-My god the touch-screen.
-How could they have missed that? It would be the easiest thing in the world to make it so you can lay out your whole Command Deck on the touch screen for quick access while maintaining mobility.
-As is they use it for the map-screen and using Dream Links, but if they could add a button-command for Reality Shifts and Dream Links/Link Actions I think a command to make the touch screen display the command deck wouldn’t be entirely out of question. BAM- instant fix to this problem. I’m gonna see if this isn’t a possibility already in the options-screen and I’m just massively dumb and never noticed.
-It wasn’t. What I DO have is the ability to select one command as a short-cut: hit the left direction on the d-pad and you automatically scroll to that command. Which I admit saves me a lot of trouble, even if it’s still kinda awk to lean my thumb down so I’m still keeping it on the stick, but also touching the Right-direction on the d-pad instead of pressign Up instead. Still like my touch-screen idea better.
-BUT DISREGARD MY MOANING I HAVE TRAINED and it is time to get my Fantasia on. Starting with Riku, and we’ll see where things go from here.
-Current Spirit Party: Jazztart the Necho Cat, Arnold the Iceguin Ace, Bloomindale the Wheeflower.

-Oooh neat, it’s the Nutcracker suite segment for Riku! We start inside a forest in what I presume it is spring, and make our way through thick underbrush as we suddenly find ourselves pixie-sized. Not much special here in terms of story-
-The frog. THAT GODDAMN FROG IS BACK. He will not escape me this time.
-He escaped me this time. Gave me helltoo since I died twice before I got lucky- he fights on an elevated platform and the first time I fought him my fellow Dream Eaters were knocked down on the level below. This meant I was at the mercy of not only him but ALL of his little froggy friends, who proceeded to rip me a new one. In the final round I managed to bring HIM down to the ground and remarkably enough he stopped spawning allies. Rikus Darkest Fears-link helped shave his health of in spades, buuut I ended up bringing him down to like TWO MEASLY healthbars and then he ran away. I’ll get you next time Gadget. Next time.
-So after making a bunch of vines unfurl and a whole field of bioluminescent flowers light up and form a path to the next segment, I end up in the autumn part. Bit peeved that the field of glowing flowers was not something I could wade into but only a transitional area, they were a pretty impressive effect.
-Autumn seems to be a forest in decay, but I can’t explore because I’m all out of time! Time to drop back to Sora.

-Sora moves through what I presume is the Pastoral Symphony segment since he started up in heaven among clouds and mountain-tops, and after making his way past that (everything is just fluffy clouds so not much to look at here) I come into the segment with all the centaur-frolicking! Unfortunately there are no centaurs, pegasi or drunken gods here, only some place with eternal upwinds which I have to deactivate in order to move around unhindered by them. I cannot tell you how grossly disappoint I am.
-No seriously Sora riding centaurs and getting drunk with Bacchus TELL ME THIS WOULDN’T BE AWESOME
-Or maybe turning INTO a centaur
-You already gave him a lion-form AND a merman form Nomura might as well provide some more service for the furries in the audience
-At any rate, I don’t do much else here beside deactivate the constant upwind while avoiding thunder-clouds.
-Who are essentially big circles clumped together, colored black and given thundery effects around them, not a very interesting or impressive effect ESPECIALLY considering that there is no open sky, we’re all just boxed in by walls.
-When I deactivate the wind I can move on the ground, fight dudes and then drop right in front of a waterfall.

-Riku moves through the autumn-forest until he makes a bunch of leaves grow to form a pathway.
-Oh man stepping on the leaves makes different notes AND gives you munny. Loving that.
-But overall there’s not much to do or see here: you do pretty much nothing but move on up to the next area.
-Winter is pretty nifty though. You create big ice-floes to walk over lakes and ride on giant snowballs to crush your enemies, as you slowly but surely onwards.
- I gotta hand it to them how goshdarn PRETTY this world is. 3DS and their artists are really impressing me here.
-Something that was handed to ME and made battles much less difficult (found it inside a big chest in the Spring-world) is the Zero Graviza spell and Magnet Spiral. Zero Graviza works like Magnet in Birth By Sleep, creates a wormhole that sucks enemies in and leave them vulnerable. I think that giving it out later in the game was a good move, because it’s REALLY powerful and really helps when fighting hordes of very strong enemies.
-Magnet Spiral simply draws all the enemies to you and then hits them with a POWERFUL spiral strike. Get hit by a powerful attack while drawing them in though, and the attack is canceled. At any rate it’s time to snag the Sound Idea and then drop back to Sora.
-… Okay wasn’t expecting that.
-Got the Sound Idea, just chilling in the winter section when all of a sudden the world goes dark and I’m whisked away to a dark wasteland full of volcanoes. I thought I knew where things were going, but I just kept getting thrown surprises.
-Because all of a sudden there he is- Situation XIII, and he’s feeling chatty.

-The gist of his speech is familiar territory: he reveals that Riku was the one originally chosen by the Keyblade but that he is a failing failure who sucks at everything and causes problems for others and his hairdo is stupid and his fashion sense is lacking.
-Rikus response is to essentially go “I know what you are, but what are your secret plans?”
-Riku is just ROCKING the sassy-pants right now and I am kind of in love with that.
-Situation XIII gets his spray-tan in a twist at how Riku is apparently able to “trap darkness inside his heart”, and tells him that someone that’s immune to darkness is useless to his plans. Riku takes it as a compliment and Situation XIII decides that is just about all the sass he can take as Chernabog makes his entrance. Time to get our butt-kick on.
-Interesting. The boss-battle removes our drop meter and takes us into Dive-mode. Chernabog has a very small lifemeter at that… skepticism rising.

-So yeah, you essentially just fly at Chernabog and hit him- one hit takes out a whole life-bar, and you have to hit him three times. Granted, every time you hit him he punches you further back but still… not exactly super-dramatic.
-First wave: he summons lava-pillars from the ground and fireballs when you get close enough. Just dodge them as they come and you’ll be close enough for the first hit in no time.
-Second wave: lava-pillars, fireballs BUT when you’re at a distance he will summon a horde of damned souls, and if those suckers latch on they will drain your health and you have to dodge around to shake them off. Now I’m getting kinda stressed.
-Third wave: knocked back REALLY far, summon whole formations of fireballs and every pillar spits fireballs at you. I am hitting the dodge-button like a maniac, and … to my minor disappointment, it seems like the ghosts can only drain you to 1 HP, but not death. This essentially means that I just need to hammer the dodge button and I am constantly invincible to anything that COULD kill me, and I just have to keep pressing it to make the damned spirits let go. Once I realize that I can essentially spend the entire fight invincible without any repercussion, the challenge quickly fades.
-After beating Chernabog Riku suddenly finds himself outside the score. At Mickey suggestion he summons the Sound Idea and unlocks it by… waving his Keyblade around like a conductors stick.
-He looks SO dorky.
-But the music won’t come out until a SECOND score appears out of thin air (Sora again I suppose) and together they… start playing Dearly Beloved.
-I won’t lie, this is a pretty sweet moment.
-The music manages to oust the darkness AND removes the flood from the room. Nifty.
-Afterwards Riku and Mickey chat for a while about Sora, and Riku basically gushes on how his bestest platonic buddy in the whole wide world has an amazing ability to make everyone smile and see the best in everyone, and while Mickey is woved he also points out that Riku must have had a part in it, because life isn’t really awesome until you’ve got an awesome friend to share it and be in tune with.
“Gosh, I hope I can be part of the team someday.”
“You will. Trust me.”
-They shake hands and everything is groovy and right in the world.
-Dawww. Time to see how the plot solves itself on Soras end…

-Sora continues further into the Pastoral Symphony, and we actually arrive at the party scene!
-Except it’s already full storm and everyones abandoned the party. Booh.
-This place is kinda fun- it’s one big open space in tons of different colors representing different flower fields, and while it starts out real dark and gloomy you can find special points that clear up the rain and reveals glorious technicolor.
-Wwe mostly spend our time here running around and picking up treasure, while I ALSO finally finish up Rudinudi the Escarglows command board and switch him out with my Pegaslick, Flutterboss. I get to try out his Link Action which is basically just riding around on the pretty horsie and running enemies over, while occasionally ordering a wind-powered Dash-attack.
-I also try a Dual Link with Flutterboss and my Sir Kyroo, Glenn, and it’s a doozy one: Trinity Limit. Sora and the gang summon a big ol’ ball of light which then bursts for massive damage, but it’s a bother and a half to get in position to actually use it because it seems you and your team have to stand in a certain way. NOT very easy to use when everyone is pushed around by hordes of enemies.
-After this we arrive at the Sound Idea, and what do you know- Situation XIII is here too. He tries to talk to Sora how beautiful the world is, and even if he has a point Sora isn’t in a conversational mood. -Interesting part comes now- he reveals that he’s not a part of the dream and taunts Sora that he has not yet caught on what’s going on, and if Sora wants to find out what he is then he had better keep on dreaming…
-Sora snags the idea and then goes back into the real world, where the same scene as before happens. The second score arrives and Sora comments how Riku’s always there to pick up his slack. Daww.
-Sora then enters the score, telling Mickey not to worry- he’ll be back in a jiff. Wonder if things will be so easy for me…

-Long story short: no. No it wasn’t.
-Spellican has three phases to his battle. In the first phase you slide along a trail of stars as this battle is taking place inside Mickey’s dream: the one where he’s the MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE and all that jazz. You aren’t meant to attack, just dodge the meteors he puts down on the rail and the clusters of random bullets he fires by jumping over them. Sooner or later you’ll catch up and knock into him, teleporting elsewhere (some kind of field of hovering rocks) to continue the battle.
-Here’s where things get tricky. I was level 38 at this point which is more than the game reccomends, but he is not an easy fight. Rundown of his attacks:
-He will summon about six stars which then fires as homing projectiles, and there is a delay in between their creation and their firing which makes predicting them difficult. They also arca round so if you block one another may turn to hit you in the back, so dodge roll like a maniac instead
-He will project a giant beam of light from his stagge and smack you but GOOD with it. The first blow is vertical and can be easily avoided, but then he makes a sweeping horizontal attack that goes through ALL the boulders on the map and reaches pretty much the WHOLE BATTLEFIELD. You can only block the first strike, NOT the second.
-Sometimes he disappears and summons little notes that zap you with Thunder. DESTROY THESE NOTES which is again difficult what with their unusually high HP before they stun you and open you up for further punishment.
-After he loses enough HP he will sometimes fly to one of the many different meteors littering the area and attack you from above with various spells. The most dangerous one has him summon fireballs raining from the sky that you can only block by standing underneath a meteor, and this attack continues until you hit him. Sonic Blade allowed Sora to quickly teleport up to him, so I recommend having that Command here.
-I won’t say this stage was EXTREMELY difficult, but it sure kicked my ass there for a while. What you have to do is keep an eye out for what he shoots at you, learn the timing to dodge it, dodge it and slowly move forward so you can start hitting him up close. I recommend quick attacks because he teleports away after taking a certain amount of damage and you don’t want to waste time NOT looking at him.
-Then… comes stage three. He brings you back to the starry field, but this time he shoots MUCH faster and I’ll be honest- I never beat this stage. He shoots meteors and bullets so fast I couldn’t dodge them in air or on rail without getting hit because he just fires them too fast, and there is NO way to heal here. I only beat him when I was lucky enough to kill him in phase two. Getting to phase three is NOT recommended.
-After THAT trial is over Sora returns to Mickey, who wakes up (cute moment here: he looks at his arms, his feet, then frowns as he looks at the hat- not one of his best decisions) and promptly freaks out that he forgot to fetch the water. The two part ways as friends, and Sora unlocks the sixth keyhole! Everything is hunky-dory!

-Then we go the real world where things are most certainly NOT hunky-dory.
-Goofy and Donald eyes flicker between Mickey and Yen Sid, both of whom are engaged in an INTENSE “who can make the frowniest face” competition.
-Mickey asks if “he”, meaning Axel, can “do it?”
-Yen Sid replies that he has “fire”, but one can’t teach a cat to bark. But he IS being helped by Merlin and the three fairies in a place that’s more “temporally helpful” or something like that, so he just might learn to at least “wield it”.
-… Nomura.
-Nomura are you trying to tell me Axel is going to get a Keyblade?
-I don’t know if I could handle this turn of events.
-They might be doing something else to him but God knows what THAT might be.
-But then the discussion turns to Riku and Sora. Mickey wonders if they’re safe to which Yen Sid replies that they SHOULD be. After all, the only way he could follow them into the world of dreams was to be present at the very time when Destiny Islands was lost to darkness.
-… What
-Holy crap
-but mostly what?
-Okay. Just. Gonna recap this thing and then give opinions.
-Yen Sid points out that he doesn’t believe Xehanort planned so far ahead that he was present at Destiny Islands when they fell. When Goofy, always with the new perspectives, asks Yen Sid if Xehanort could have done what Riku and Sora did and ”travelled back in time”, which I… think means that Yen Sid sent Sora and Riku back in time to when Destiny Islands fell into darkness? Is that what this means? Is the whole game not ONLY a big romp through dream worlds, but also an adventure in time and space? MIGHT HAVE BEEN NICE TO KNOW THAT THE FOURTY OR SO HOURS AGO WHEN I FIRST STARTED PLAYING THE GAME NOMURA.

-Yen Sid replies that ”For that to work, a version of himself would have had to exist at both source and destination”. Time travel wouldn’t be possible unless a version of Xehanort was somehow present at the exact time and place when Destiny Islands fell.
-Whereupon Mickey freaks out because there WAS a version of Xehanort present at Destiny Islands fall- the one that possessed Riku.
-Gotta admit that I’m not following much of this conversation but Yen Sid apparently does because WOAMG those are some wide eyes. He wonders out loud “Could he be that cunning, possess that kind of foresight?”
-Actually no, he doesn’t. He just cheats and looks at the script. Or rewrites it whenever it suits his purposes.
-When Yen Sid asks how Mickey will follow them since he can’t enter the world of dreams, Mickey responds that if one follows the hearts, one finds the way- as Master Aqua once told him. He believes that if Xehanort is interfering with the worlds then they will sooner or later surface in a world that’s NOT slumbering, and that’s where they’ll catch up. He even has an idea as to which world that will be…
- Goofy and Donald say they’re coming with him and Mickey FINALLY puts his foot down and tells them that if something happens to him, Sora and Riku, then Goofy and Donald are the only ones left to carry on the fight.
-Because Radiant Garden isn’t around or anything.
-And Kairi can’t wield a Keyblade or anything.
-And holy hell who would leave the fate of the universe to Donald and Goofy?
-I suspect he’s just saying that to make them both get off his back.
-Yen Sid lets Mickey know that while he can’t sense Sora he CAN sense Riku somewhere in the realms between, and as Mickey promises to bring them both back safe and sound we are put back in control, just as we approach the final world… The World That Never Was.

-Xehanort was present on Destiny Islands because he knew that he could lose not once
-To Sora and Riku.
-And he knew that Yen Sid would send them into the world of dreams and so he positioned himself there on Destiny Islands at the VERY FIRST GAME so that he could hijack whatever bullshit process one enters the dream worlds in
-Which apparently involves time travel because WHY NOT
-And then interrupt their training.
-I have so much confusion right now that I don’t even know where to start.
-Like if we suppose that it was Xehanorts plan ALL ALONG to have his heart and soul separated and then reunited by Sora and Riku
-How did he know who they were? Did he find out from Terra blabbing?
-Was it his connection to Destiny Islands that made it so he knew something was going on there?
-Or was it his intention to win in all those other games, but he always kept THIS particular plan as a back-up to the back-up plan?
-Had he won at any time during KH1, KH2 and BBS he would have gotten what he wanted- completion by means of exploring the door to Kingdom Hearts as a Heartless, recompletion at the hands of the manmade Kingdom Hearts, and if he had just managed to snag Terras body at the end of the first game everything would’ve been hunky dory for him.
-So if he planned this he must have acknowledged the possibility of the first two plans failing, each failure costing him precious time and resources.

-Okay working this out without some more exposition-dumping is gonna be freaking impossible.
-Like how the hell the dream world even works
-How he could have squandered away so many resources and still manage to get a whole new gang of himselves at his beck and call
-split the worlds into parallel universes for Sora and Riku which according to Joshua is NOT how the Dream World is supposed to work
-And what IS the damn deal with the “world data” from re:coded that Maleficent wants anyway?
-I don’t know if I like that so many of these questions can only be answered if I play on and receive answers in what is likely to be a MASSIVE info-dump, but it’s not like I really have a choice at this point now, do I?
-Nothing left but to engage in furious amounts of playing and hoping the answers don’t leave me completely baffled.

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