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Dream Drop Distance Let's Play Part 6: Chronological Conundrums And Musketeer Malcontents

Back again. And this time... it's personal.

-And for my next trick: The Three Muskeeteers!
-The story so far:
-Sora arrives just as Mickey, Donald and Goofy are overwhelmed by Dream Eaters. This isn’t exactly difficult for the Dream Eaters as Donald chickens away while Goofy shuts his eyes and starts flailing around in the vain hope of hitting something. Mickey charges in and gets knocked flat on his ass by a big goose Dream Eater, but that is when Sora sweeps in and saves the day!
-And I get my ass kicked and have to retry. The enemies are coming at me in full force, but then I concentrate on fighting one enemy at a time and fare much better.
-They then have a conversation that raises more questions than it hands out answers.
-So apparently Mickey knows about Keyblades- it’s not clear if he’s currently training to become a Keyblade master or if he’s from before even that. He says that he’s in that world as a Musketeer to investigate some kind of trouble, and figures Sora must be from another world as well here to help out.

”Soo… this is a world the King visited, except it’s not Disney Castle because that world isn’t asleep, and we’ve established you need a Keyblade or Gummi Ship to visit other worlds…”
”Gosh, ya seem confused.”
”You have NO idea your majesty.”
-Another fun fact: Mickey doesn’t seem to correct Sora when he says ”Your Majesty”. Is he a king here? Was he born royalty? I have no idea if this stage will lead to answers but I sure hope so.
-Also Goofy and Donald doesn’t recognize Sora and he makes a spectacular kicked puppy-face.
-But it’s okay because Sora decides to tag along (which Mickey is at first skeptical to ”because you’re not a musketeer” and that makes no sense because dude, KEYBLADE WARRIOR), but he quickly relents just like he seems to do all the time these days, and they do the all for one and one for all gesture.

-Also we have a flashback where Goofy is dumb, Donald is a craven coward, Mickey seems unable to figure out his friends foibles, Pete is the chief of the musketeers and Minnie is a princess that needs guarding.
-Unless I get a truly spectacular set of answers by the end of this stage that explains how this is even remotely possible I am going to presume that they had no idea whether to adapt this movie to a story featuring Kingdom Hearts-versions of our Disney heroes, or if they just decided to do a stage that features the story of the movie with some thrown in KH-references.
-Seriously these two stories do NOT go well together unless you make very fundamental changes.
-Either that or the whole Disney crew is essentially LARPing this whole thing on some world designated for those purposes and nobody is telling Sora because they don’t want to break the fourth wall.
-And thus we will find out that Pete’s start of darkness was because he wanted to be Game Master and the awesome hero who gets the girl but nobody else liked his attention hogging ways and changed the script on him. He swore then that he would make them all pay.

-After riding on the princess carriage for a while, Dream Eater boss! A giant firebreathing Tyranosaurus Rex is trying to get up in our grills and burn down the carriage, after having easily swept aside the Disney Trio. We’re supposed to guard both carriage and our health bars, and we can only heal one of them. The game advices us to return the fireballs by because we can’t really dodge them on the constricted space (we’re standing on the carriage while it’s in motion), but I just can’t figure out the timing of that or it’s rushing charge attack. The charge bypasses my block, I think, so what you’re SUPPOSED to do is counter it’s charge with a sufficiently powerful command but I keep screwing up the timing for THAT as well. But I manage to win by sheer attrition and kill it JUST as it’s about to land the destroying blow on the carriage… and I get the recipe.
-I can make. My own. Pet Tyranosaur.
-This is amazing in every way, even if the materials are most likely crazy rare.
-But then the Beagle Boys show up and toss a sword at Sora which makes him fall overboard, because the plot gotta move forward somehow.

-So Sora meets up with the Disney Trio again, and Donald mopes on how much they suck. But Mickey gives him a little pep talk, and they get back on their webbed feet to take back their princess!
Seriously they run away without Sora.
-Puppy-kicking to the EXTREME.
-And just as I reach the drawbridge for the tower I run out of meter- time to drop!

-I pretty much just ran through the stage with Riku in a single run, no drop necessary.
-Basically what happens is that Riku arrives at the opera at night and spy the Beagle Boys testing a machine that’s going to crush the royal musketeers. Meaning that his only interaction with Mickey on this stage is seeing him as a wooden dummy.
-There BETTER be moments between him and Mickey in Fantasia world now darnit.
-Rushing around the opera house to investigate leads Riku to discover and save Minnie, who got stuck inside a chest as revealed by a flashback.
-I really do wonder if this version of Pete is the same as the version we know, because that just won’t make any licks of sense unless the Disney Castle legal system is REALLY forgiving.
-Riku finds out that to stop the machine he has to find a crank that’s used to deactivate the device… one that is stolen by the Beagle Boys as they speak. So the chase is on!

-I gotta admit, this is a really fun stage. The three Beagle Boys are hidden all around the opera, and you search for them in the backstage area, in a dressing room and behind hidden doors. There are some seriously tough enemies here, foremost the Aura Lion enemy that can cast Slow, but I manage it none the less. The Beagle Boys attack with fencing moves and aren’t too difficult to take care of once I empty a room of distractions, and whopping the third gets me the crank. When I make it back to the backstage area I run into the boss, Holey Moley.
-You fight this guy in a really fun arena- it’s the place where they store all the backgrounds props and sets, and it’s a BIG one. Holey Moley dives into holes and sticks out of walls, ceiling and floor as he fires homing carrots at you, so you need to whizz around the scenery and bust its head in when it peeks out.
-The carrots really hurt though, so remember to dash for cover when you need to heal. Homing carrots are nasty carrots.
-ALSO at one point the boss separates all its limbs and you have to destroy them all in order to proceed. This is not easy because you cannot get more than two hits in before they smack you away.
-Using Dream Links easily and efficiently whittles down the bosses health bar, even if I have to forego the massively damaging combo attacks when he sticks out of the ceiling: that’s when you turn to trusty ol’ Flowmotion.

-And when the battle is won the trap is deactivated and Riku says he’s just in time.
-Just in time for what, I will never know. But the day is saved at any rate, and Minnie whispers to Riku what a musketeer is. Again, I have no idea why.
-Possibly so we don’t get to hear their all for one and one for all motto until Riku says it?
-Which is pretty neat as a way to show he’s not all doom and gloom but still, what?
-Anyhow, we beat the stage. ON TO SORA.

-Halfway up the Beagle Boys start rolling down barrels, but that’s easily dodged with flowmotion.
-And then it’s Sora versus all three Beagle Boys. Hard, this is not. I simply buttonmash me some fools and save Minnie.
-Except THEN the Beagle Boys return because they weren’t REALLY knocked out and Mickey asks Goofy for a plan.
-Goofys plan is to grab Mickey, jump out a window and aim so they hit a certain tree which allows them to bounce back and smack the Beagle Boys out the other window.
-In the film this was a cute little moment that happened out of desperation and sudden inspiration.
-Here on the other hand they have a supremely powerful Keyblade wielder at their side, so this just comes off as dark and makes me question Goofy’s intentions towards Mickey. There’s darkness in that dog. Darkness that does not rest.

-We return to the barracks only to discover that- le gasp! Pete is a villain and has kidnapped Minnie AGAIN. And Donald runs away like the chickenhawk he is.
-Mickey falters a little, but decides to mouse up and still attack Pete.
”By the power vested in me as a musketeer, I arrest you, mister!”
”Well how’s about this? By the power invested in my fist, I clobber you!”
-Actual lines spoken in this sequence.
-And then he proceeds to lay out Mickey flat.
-Darnit Pete stop making me like you.
-Sora gets distracted from seeing Mickey get his tail handed to him and gets jumped by a Dream Eater, and it seems like it’s impossible for a Dream Eater to actually kill someone because this is NOT the first time this has happened and Sora just. Wakes up later.
-Time to go rescue Mickey!
-Except Donald secedes like the yellow-beak he is.
-But unlike in the movie, Sora manages to friendship Donald up the head again instead of Donald being browbeaten by the narrator into manning the Duck up, and they charge out together to save their BFF!
-This leads to a beach, and later to the prison island Mont-Michel.

-This place has some pretty damn cool design- there’s a very murky city you go through before coming across the dungeons, and inside the dungeons are cells, secret passageways and a room full of elephant Nightmares dousing the heck out of you.
-That was a sentence I never imagined I’d be writing.
-After fighting through a ton of enemies down here (no boss here so not much to remark on other than the cool design of the prison), Sora gives the crestfallen Mickey a pep-talk to rouse his spirit as well, and it’s off to the opera house for the final showdown! But first I drop, then drop back.
-Opera house isn’t much to speak off- it looks gorgeous here as well, and when you make it out onto the stage it’s time to fight Pete!

-… What
-what was that
-The crate was about to fall… but the ending to Rikus storyline happened and made the crate disappeared in thin air.
-The mechanism didn’t right itself even or lock the crate.
-The crate just. Disappeared. Because Riku succeded in his world.
-how does that make sense
-why have we never seen the two worlds affect each other like that before
-why nomura
-why do you do this
-what the hell ever FIGHTY TIME WITH PETE.
-And there’s the Beagle Boys. Again.
-Okay I gotta admit-
”Yeah, you better bring help.”
Sora putting the sassypants on and sealing those suckers snugly is worth repeating the fight over and over.
-First you face the beagle boys AGAIN, and this time you engage in a Reality Shift when their health drops to zero that launches them right at Pete. After he’s hit twice he starts throwing burning bombs, so make sure to just knock down them all first, THEN start launching them with Reality Shift.
-This brings us to Pete himself, who doesn’t do much. He just hits you hard with his rapier, but you can block and counter that.
-What killed me twice is when Pete jumps out and starts swinging around on the sun and moon props in the background.
-You can block them as they come at you, but then they hit you almost IMMEDIATELY in the back.
-And you are stunned so long they can hit you agian.
-And they come in FAST so even if you run away it’s super easy for Pete to get a lock on you and hit you again.
-I died twice here until I started looking at the bottom screen instead- Pete is marked here and you can see where he’s going much quicker there than trying to look at the main camera at the top screen, because the sucker is so fast it’s IMPOSSIBLE to track him with anything but the map at the bottom screen.
-Just dodge the pendulum attacks, and you’ll waste him in time flat, then Reality Shift him right into a cannon and boom goes the dynamite.
-Minnie dubs them all musketeers, all for one and one for all and we are out of there!

-Lea makes a proposal, but Nomura is a terrible TEASE and doesn’t let us hear what he’s saying. He’s basically a horrible person like that.
-Everyone is shocked and Donald rejects the idea, but that’s when Yen Sid has enough of the ducks quacking and interjects. Apparently they have figured out that Sora and Riku are separated now for… some reason, and when Mickey asks if Sora and Riku are gonna be okay his reply is pretty much
”Well they’re hardy and all, but the test I sent them on is dangerous and completely unorthodox, so... maybe?"
-But he didn’t do it JUST because endangering youths is one of the few pleasures he still has left in life.
-Apparently the plan is for them to unlock seven keyholes, like the seven pieces of light, and thus gain some kind of ”great power” that they will need in order to fight Xehanort. But APPARENTLY Yen Sid deduces that Xehanort must have foreseen this eventuality, and taken steps to interfere in Sora and Rikus journey.
-Because Xehanort isn’t just Palpatine: he’s also Batman.
”So since Xehanort is pretty much the smartest bad guy ever and superspecial awesome, I have no plan he won’t have taken countermeasures against. So we’re going to go balls to the walls crazy unpredictable and let the flamer here do as he pleases. Are you certain you wish to go through with this, it’s dangerous?”
”I play with fire on a regular basis and skeeve on little kids in plain view of Mickey Mouse himself, danger is no stranger to me.”
-And just like that the stage is cleared, and Fantasia awaits us…

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