Mickey Mouse ([personal profile] hahahailtotheking) wrote2009-11-23 12:11 am

Multi-Combo Meme Post!

It’s the all-inclusive relationship/question meme! You can ask for the relationships of any character you want here without limitations, or questions in general! Essays may be possible if you desire those.

Furthermore, if you want to treat this like one of those nifty ”future relationship memes” that have been popping up lately, go ahead and do so! HOWEVER: Due to Hiatus I will be unavailable from now up until a month, so I won't be able to get started on them until I return. Hence, consider this a Delayed Future Relationsship Meme, if you will.

My characters are as follows:
Brook: Lovable and slightly crazy skeleton pirate, social and outgoing and with a complete lack of regard for social manners and secret tragedic life.
Faust: Slightly less lovable and a whole lot more crazy sci-fi doctor who is strangely functional despite his madness, acts serious business and like a Looney Tune at the same time, and who will leave you bewildered half of the time, teary-eyed and feeling profound the other.
Vincent Valentine: Super socially dumb, freshly minted immortal and pretty boy who is trying to figure out how this ”live forever” thing is supposed to work while remaining as stoic as he possibly can… and failing at it.
Optimus Prime: Giant, dutybound mechanical warrior who wants to protect mankind from all evil while simultaneously make people recognize him as the big darn hero he can be, darnit all to heck.
Mickey Mouse: The unexpectedly mature and laidback king of Disney Castle, heroic, friendly and here to touch you in your childhood… only in a good way! Sort of. Most of the time.

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