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Multi-Combo Meme Post!

It’s the all-inclusive relationship/question meme! You can ask for the relationships of any character you want here without limitations, or questions in general! Essays may be possible if you desire those.

Furthermore, if you want to treat this like one of those nifty ”future relationship memes” that have been popping up lately, go ahead and do so! HOWEVER: Due to Hiatus I will be unavailable from now up until a month, so I won't be able to get started on them until I return. Hence, consider this a Delayed Future Relationsship Meme, if you will.

My characters are as follows:
Brook: Lovable and slightly crazy skeleton pirate, social and outgoing and with a complete lack of regard for social manners and secret tragedic life.
Faust: Slightly less lovable and a whole lot more crazy sci-fi doctor who is strangely functional despite his madness, acts serious business and like a Looney Tune at the same time, and who will leave you bewildered half of the time, teary-eyed and feeling profound the other.
Vincent Valentine: Super socially dumb, freshly minted immortal and pretty boy who is trying to figure out how this ”live forever” thing is supposed to work while remaining as stoic as he possibly can… and failing at it.
Optimus Prime: Giant, dutybound mechanical warrior who wants to protect mankind from all evil while simultaneously make people recognize him as the big darn hero he can be, darnit all to heck.
Mickey Mouse: The unexpectedly mature and laidback king of Disney Castle, heroic, friendly and here to touch you in your childhood… only in a good way! Sort of. Most of the time.
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Hell does Brook even know that Franky is in camp?
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... idk, you'd think Luffy or Usopp would tell him. But you went on hiatus after I got in, so-!

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Vincent is weak to optimism and 'go-get-em' attitudes, especially optimism that's not hyper and/or annoying (ilu still, Yuffie). Chuck is a happy, forward and very optimistic woman which makes it easy to like her, but most of all: she never seems to be afraid or uncomfortable around him. She actually seeks him out for conversations and wants to keep said conversations going, and that just blows his mind.

Most of this stems from Vincent's relative insecurity on how to handle his newfound immortality and being the host of Death as his planet knows it. I mean, he's got the whole "protect the living from all unnatural deaths and let them lead as fulfilling lives as they can" parts, he's all on top of that. No more skulking around in a cave suffering from the delusion that he must isolate himself from humanity because he has no part in it, he knows he's a super-powered "hero" now and that he's got to act the part... but that whole "socializing" bit, that one he has problems with.

Because Vincent has a LONG damn history of not really knowing how the hell people socialize with each other. At first he just kept on trucking because he figured "fuck it, I might as well walk around and be creepy until I kill Hojo and eventually Sephiroth". But then that was done and he figured out he had to keep on being around other people FOREVER... long story short, Vincent subconsciously acted weird and offputting because it's easier if people fear him and don't want anything to do with him. Then he got a little bit better and figured out that it's probably not a good idea to do that anymore, and now that he WANTS to learn how to socialize it's hard for him not to fall back into old habits and act creepy to make socially awkward situations stop a whole lot quicker.

Which FINALLY brings us back to Chuck. Chuck doesn't judge, Chuck just keeps on trucking and is almost always happy, nice, kind, understanding... Vincent feels like even if he acts creepy, Chuck won't mind and he likes that, even if he has NO idea how to handle it. She's genuinely interested in Vincent and THAT does not happen very often.

To summarize: Chuck is nice and makes Vincent acutely aware of what a derp he is, but she's patient enough to bear with his odd ways and it makes him feel very fuzzy and warm inside that someone is willing to go that far for him. He'll try his best to never bring up the fact that he knows she's "kind of" dead and the deeper aspects of that, because even he figures that's not kosher to talk about.

Also: the love of Vincents life ended up slipping out of his grasp because he managed to repress the most emotions his derpy little heart had ever felt because it wasn't 'right' in his mind to interfere between her and a heartless bastard who was obviously, clearly and utterly WRONG for her. The odds he will ever acknowledge or even be aware of the tiny crush he has on Chuck, who is taken and is with a very kind, gentle and loving person? Close to nil.

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Oh man, Secret.

In short: he identifies with Greta SO MUCH. She's basically him at that age, only female and with the powers that he now has. And since he at least got to have a life, unfulfilling as it was before he ended up with his powers, he feels Greta got really shafted because she didn't even get to be a twenty-something before she became Death. He feels sorry for her, but at the same time he also admires her a little. She's so much chipper than he EVER was, no matter the age. Sure, he can imagine that some of it is just bravado, but just that she's trying is something he finds impressive.

Greta is someone he'll always try to be there for, because he honestly feels like he can help her in more ways than just "teach her how to fight" or "save her with my powers". He feels like he can TEACH her things, help her grow as a person, like he can be honestly useful to her as a mentor and team-member. To honestly, truly HELP someone, not just save them but actually be there for them is a strange, alien concept to him but he sure likes how it feels.

So to summarize, he'll always try and be there for Greta and do his very best to be her mentor/team-mate, because she reminds him of him as a kid, only happier and more outgoing. She's adorable and wants to do good, and that makes it easy for him to like her.

And Secrets thoughts on Vincent?

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Mickey's thoughts on Goofy? As for the FUTURE RELATIONSHIP MEME, how about more Optimus Prime and Crow?

Also, have a great and productive hiatus!

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AT FIRST, CONFUSION. GREAT CONFUSION. Here we have a guy who lookwise, behaviourwise and personalitywise is almost EXACTLY like the Goofy he knows. But he's not. He has none of the experiences of that Goofy, he hasn't been in the battles and seen the things that Goofy has, and yet still he's so much like him.

Mickey's exposure to 'cartoon Disney' canon has left him a bit puzzled, and he has spent a lot of time trying to distance himself from that, by telling people "No, that's not me. That's a Mickey and he's like me, but he's NOT me" because really? They're not. Cartoon Mickey and Kingdom Hearts Mickey are different beings and that makes it easy for Mickey to separate the two. But Goofy? There's almost NO difference. Line them up while they're wearing the same two outfits and who could tell the difference? Not gonna lie, it made Mickey uncomfortable for a while, and made him think of how different thigns could have been and... generally gave him a pretty hard time. This in combination with all the Masque hullaballoo and, well. You can understand that he shoved "telling Goofy who apparently sees NOTHING different about me that I'm not his Mickey" to the back of his mind.

But the truth got out, and honestly? Mickey's glad it did. It made him realize that Goofy is NOT his Goofy. He's an entirely different guy, he's his own being and deserves to be treated as such. Mickey realizes now that he has no right to expect or have preconceptions about this Goofy, or that he has any right to keep him in the dark about things. From now on, he's going to do his best to keep his Goofy and this Goofy separate entities, and treat them as such. If you're a good man, he's going to treat you like a good man... and that's all there is to it. That's as simple as it needs to be. If you're a good guy, there's no reason not to like you or treat you differently, no matter what you look like.

And as for Optimus and Crow, consider me on it! Does Goofy have any special thoughts on "Alternate" Mickey?

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ONLY THAT YOU DESERVE TONS OF LOYALTY, LOVE AND ADMIRATION even if you really, really really are dumber than a whole sack of bricks and potatoes mashed together.

Yeah, that's pretty much it. Having had a lot of time to really see his captain act around Brook feels pretty much no different now than he used to do. Captain Luffy is an admirable man for his pure heart and steely determination, but he should also do his best to fill in the gaps that his captains youthful exuberance and idiocy can lead to. He's basically just a lot more zen: captain is captain and is the man I owe my life too, this is how he's going to be, so I need to plan for that and be ready to help him when he needs it.

Of course, Brook himself flip-flops between being the second most mature and wise member of the crew and a complete fool, so yeah: he also knows that he's not that much better than the captain a lot of times and it may just make them feel a bit more close because of it. They are both merry idiots, and like draws to like~!
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HI THERE god, I really need to touch Mickey with Tatsuya, don't I?

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That aside... Brook has met Maki and Tatsuya, right? He thinks Maki is a bright and lovable girl, pleasant to socialize and easy to converse with!

Brook actually likes Tatsuya! Most of it is by virtue of him liking Maya, and he figures that if Maya likes you she does so for a good reason. But part of it is also that he just ADORES the social recluses and their hilarious reactions to his teasing. He doesn't know Tatsuya that well but can figure out from interacting with his crew that they really look up to him as something of a leader or focal point, so there is a certain respect from his end about that: if you come from One Piece, you damn better recognize a captain-type when you see one. Tatsuya strikes him as that, a leader and someone who can get stuff done when stuff needs to get done... AND that he's hilarious to tease and pick on.

So yeah: he won't disrespect Tats because he feels he's a bit of a leader-type and that warrants respect, but he'll still tease because he cares~
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I think Raidou's threaded with all of yours except Optimus, but he's talked most with Brook, so... Brook's thoughts on Raidou? Or Mickey's thoughts.

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Mickey's thoughts aren't really that deep! Raidou seems to be a good man who helps others out, but also a very serious and stern person who has a very... "no-nonsense' attitude, I would say. Someone that he can only tell jokes to once serious stuff has gotten out of the way. Mickey respects Raidou's skills (he can sense those things in your tubes and if you control them, you've GOT to be good) and professionalism.

Brook on the other hand sees Raidou as something closer to an amusing young disciple. Oh, he does not doubt that Raidou is powerful and respectable if he can command such peculiar beings, but at the same time he's just so... stiff. Brook LOEVS teasing stiff people, especially when they receive said teasing with a "oh well better grin and bear it it is below my station to get my feathers ruffled" attitude. It's like his biggest damn ping EVER to never, ever leave those people alone.

But just as he loves teasing him, he also recognizes that Raidou is a smart, caring and far too serious young man. The Masque ordeal and the aftermath made it clear to him that Raidou cares deeply and passionately about others, but he keeps it all bottled up and keeps such a grim face on that it will hurt him in the end. Raidou seems to take a lot of responsibilities on himself and gets very crestfallen when he fails to meet his own expectations, and it makes Brook fuss and worry in a very grandfatherly, "oh come now things aren't so bad look at the funny face I can pull" way. He thinks you're capable of surviving and handling stressful situations, but not quite mature and prepared enough to walk through them with your spirit intact.

To summarize, Brook sees Raidou as someone who has a lot of growth, both painful and benevolent, ahead of him and who will need a steady shoulder and an open ear to get him through said situations, and Brook would be honored to be that support for Raidou should he need it.
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See, this is what happens when you're put in charge of defending an entire city almost by yourself, and the earthly agent of the entity who gives your clan their marching orders insists on reminding you that "Much is expected of you" every time you talk to her.

The Masque ordeal actually hit some painful pings for Raidou, which on top of the September events (which also hit some pings) had him in a really bad place mentally. But Brook's assessment is correct, although now that Raidou's canon updated things are slightly better for him.

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I think it's only Azel with Vincent and maybe Faust?

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Vincent is just pinged by Azel. There is this... dignified, alien inhumanity to her. Not that she's scary or freaky, but she's just so... strange. And when you're hearing that from Vincent Valentine, you know something is up.

Vincent can't quite get her number. She seems gentle and a bit cold, but also like she knows a lot more than she lets on. Vincent, I think, wants to know more about her because he considers her a potential fellow immortal, someone with stories to tell that he should hear if he wants to learn the ropes of immortality.

But at the same time, she doesn't seem to be all that sharp when it comes to social matters and that makes her a bit easier to approach for Vincent: he doesn't feel like he's talking to someone way out of his league, but more of a... kindred spirit. For some reason, Vincent just feels like he and Azel are similar, and that keeps drawing him towards her.

A pretty vague description, I know, but to summarize: she feels like a teacher AND at the same time, an equal. They can derp at this thing called humanity together, and that goes a long way for making Vincent like someone.

Does Azel have any thoughts on Vincent?
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well. Azel is ridiculously detached from humanity even if she does have an inherent good will towards people because of her huge guilt complex. which is something that I think I tried explaining in her conversation with Faust, probably unsuccessfully. Vincent was kinda in that "oh, a human" state she assigns to everyone who is not Craymen, and also she's inclined to look out for him because he helped her with effects and the like.

since she recently found out he's the unknown presence in the dream he makes her emo a little and sometimes think of Craymen for breaking her out. she's curious about him because she isn't aware that humans can do anything like that. lol she hasn't been that exposed to ~powers~ or anything and she doesn't really have any in camp outside of mild telepathy, so she wonders if he is actually even human or if he's an advanced guardian or even a fellow drone. she doesn't know there's anything else beyond those but she suspects he'll probably be that. so anyway now that Vincent... might not exactly slot as neatly into the "human" category as she thought initially, she'll want to know about what he is, basically. from what I remember of FFVII he is a human-turned-biomonster which will be very ??? to her.

... something like that! she's more concerned with WHAT ARE YOU than much else.

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and hali and brook, but I think you've done that. heck you may have done this. I has no memory.

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Faust's memories being manipulated has him a bit on edge, because if there is anything he does not approve it's people mucking around inside HIS head. But that is only tangentially related to Yoi-Te. Faust's feelings for him are more or less the same as they were for him last time around: Yoi-Te is someone who has seemingly never been allowed to live a life that is his own, and Faust will do all in his power to let him have that here in camp. He is dedicated to this with a passion bordering on mania. Yoi-Te was his first real patient in camp, and this makes their relationship something close to mania on Faust's behalf.

It's complicated to describe Fausts thought processes, but they basically go like so: Failure is not acceptable. Setbacks are, but overall, long-term failure is not.

What this means is that Faust knows, he really does, how messed up Miharu and Yoi-Te are. He knows Yoi-Te wants death more than anything, and how it tears Miharu up because he really, really wants Yoi-Te to live. But with Yoi-Te back all fresh and new, he feels as if he can't just jump and talk to him like he could before. He's going to have to work his way into Yoi-Te's good graces again, and even then the decision to live has to come from Yoi-Te.

Faust is pretty much going to do all he can to make Yoi-Te want to live. This goes beyond just treating him like a patient, you two kids are a mission to him. And this is awkward, because Faust is... kind of broken inside. The only reason Faust has not committed suicide for his heinous crimes is because he has completely remodeled his whole personality to always work for OTHERS: if he dies, he can't help others anymore. So help others he will, in every way that he can. In his world he could get away with just treating the ill and then teleporting away to the next injured victim, but here he develops close relations with his patients, and it's hard for him. Faust does NOT think there is value to his own life beyond helping others. How can he convince Yoi-Te that wanting to live is a GOOD thing?

So, to summarize: Faust is crazy determined, with a bit too much crazy, to help Yoi-Te in any way he can. No matter the cost.

Brook and Hali have had one, I think. He basically still thinks she's an awesome young lady, and if she wants to aim for someone older? Go for it kid, you got the moxie to make it work.

He will however tease her about it for as long as she keeps making funny faces when he does. Because that's how he rolls.

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How exactly Mickey got friendly with a super-cynical, irony-slinging SHAFT-character I shall never know.

But the long and short of it is that Mickey, at his core, loves to tease others. Not like Donald who thrives on trolling and destroying his opponents, driving them before him and reveling in the lamentation of their women, but good old-fashioned banter and bite is something he likes to have. And Hitagi has it in spades. Mickey likes, I think, having people he can be the straight man to and keep grounded with snark.

That, and the fact that she was cool about who he was, neither overdoing it or questioning how he wants to separate himself from 'Cartoon Mickey'. That won her major bonus points. She was also pretty adorable about having her boyfriend here, so he knows that she's not ALL about being mean-spirited and trolling others. But hey, he manages to stay buddies with Donald, he can probably bear whatever you've got to give as well.

So, Hitagi's thoughts on Mickey in return?

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Japanese people in general like Disney, so she is canon familiar! She enjoys the fact that Mickey more or less allows her to make cracks, but in the end, it's kind of difficult to be mean, because it's Mickey Mouse, and there are some boundaries even she won't cross. It was also nice to have someone to talk about her boyfriend with, because he's super important to her, and she was a little lonely without him. The fact he can get the puns and plays along is also a big plus.